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Today we fly to Kazakhstan, one of the few authentic and unexplored country in the central Asia. Land of nomad tribes like the Saka and the Huns, here ancient traditions have been handed down for millennia. Imagine entering in a parallel world, made by uncontaminated spaces, endless steppes and mountains as far as the eye can see. Our Mercure Hotel in Almaty is the perfect starting point for a Kazakhstan tour. Almaty is a multicultural and multithnic city, it’s appearance is that of a city in step with the time. The city, once the capital of Kazakhstan, is a melting pot of a variety of very different cultures. For instance, thanks to its strategic position in the heart of the silk road,  the city has hosted many different ethnic groups for centuries.

In our Mercure City Center hotel you can choose from a wide range of experiences that will bring you into contact with this wonderful country. From guided tours of the city to excursions into the heart of the still unspoiled natural beauties. Among the “must-tries”, we recommend the excursion to Charyn Canyon, the second largest canyon in the world after the American Grand Canyon or the horseback excursion to Lake Kaindy to admire its birch trees that have remained petrified in the midst of the icy waters of the lake. Last but not least we recommend a trip in the small rowing boats of Lower Kolsay Lake, one of the 4 lakes of the Kolsay Lakes National Park. Located 1,818 meters above sea level, Lower Kolsay Lake is surrounded by steep mountains and features emerald green waters. Just think that just 10 km away from it we find the Kyrgystan.

This is just a small fragment of what to do in Kazakhstan. You are ready? We wait you!