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This is a city of caves, entrenched villages, dwellings hewn out of rock, frescoed rupestrian churches and important aristocratic mansions. Matera and its marvels awaits you! Discover it with a guided tour. 

One of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites since 1993, Matera is the world’s third oldest city – settled since the Paleolithic – that still preserves the same peculiarities, with houses and churches hewn out of the rock.

Explore one of the world’s most renowned, evocative landscapes and be amazed by its famous ‘Sassi’.  See the roads, alleys and natural cavities excavated by the wind and rain and be guided among underground dwellings hewn from the rock by early humans, in an itinerary that will take your breath away!

The destination of many populations and their masterpieces over the centuries, Matera attracts famous actors and directors, who find it ideal for their film sets. 

Join our tour for a perfect, unforgettable experience discovering the wealth of history and beauty of this Lucanian city elected European capital of culture in 2019.

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