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Unspoilt nature and rupestrian churches, these are the typical features of the Matera Rupestrian Churches Archeological, Natural History Regional Park, known more simply as Murgia Materana Park, situated just a few kilometres from the Sassi di Matera.

Take our guided tour to explore the natural wealth and history of this UNESCO World Heritage Site Park.  A guide will take you on a trek through the paths and sandstone caves where the first humans settled in a landscape of rocky plateaux and Karst canyons.

In this prehistoric area with its traces of the Paleolithic and Neolithic periods, we will cross a Tibetan bridge to admire some of the over 150 rupestrian churches located in the Murgia and Gravine.  Unique, amazing rural testimonials set in the rock, linked to the eighth century Benedictine and Byzantine monastic communities. 

Following in the footsteps of the ancient peoples who set off from Matera to reach the sea, we will arrive at the point where we can admire a breathtaking panorama and photograph sunset over an evocative, exciting landscape.

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