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If you are seeking a wonderful experience that unites art, history and nature in the heart of Basilicata, join our tour to the Crypt of the Original Sin!

Just a few kilometres from Matera stands the most ancient specimen of rupestrian art in the south of Italy: the Crypt of the Original Sin. The interior of this ancient rupestrian chapel was hewn out of the rock by Benedictine monks in the ninth century and is known as the ‘Sistine Chapel’ of rupestrian wall painting. It hosts an outstanding cycle of frescoes depicting the theme of Creation and Original Sin.

Rediscovered in May 1963 by a group of young enthusiasts from Matera, the Crypt of the Original Sin is unique of its kind and one of the itineraries not to be missed when touring Basilicata. 

Equipped with an audio guide, you can explore the interior and the main details of the church. Evocative light and sound effects with Gregorian chants will reveal the secrets of the frescoes created by the so-called ‘Flower Painter’. 

During your stay at Matera, don’t miss this awesome destination, known only to a few, and be guided through a story of culture and spirituality.

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