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See one of the most beautiful, spectacular sights in Kazakhstan and enjoy a guided excursion at the Charyn Canyon, an authentic natural wonder!

200 km from Almaty – a three-hour drive from the city – the Charyn Canyon is one of Kazakhstan’s main natural attractions, its flagship tourist destination.  The picturesque magnificence of the Canyon is no less than that of the world’s other famous canyons: a desert panorama reminiscent of the American Grand Canyon and in some ways the mysterious lunar landscape

Commonly known as the ‘Valley of Castles’, the Charyn Canyon features imposing stone formations that seem to have been built by humans, extending over 90 kilometres. Their imposing height of up to 300 metres amazes and makes the panorama unique and spectacular

Charyn Canyon is the ideal place to enjoy an outing, breathe in the beauty of nature and feel the joy of its uniqueness.  Take part in this unforgettable excursion at the Charyn Canyon.